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"Advanced CAD/CAM systems support the coexistence of computer based modeling and engineering design. Not so long ago the prevailing medium for the communication of engineers was engineering drawing in its copied form of the blueprint. By the 1950s and 1960s engineering tasks became increasingly complex in their concepts, details, and considerations. Engineers had won battles in ideas and innovations; however, they had lost battles in information and information processing. Moreover, engineers were under constant pressure to make innovation cycles shorter and shorter. At the same time, ideas and innovative solutions demanded more and more data be described and processed. In the early 1950s the application of modeling became unavoidable. Intricate shapes emerged on parts to be machined by automatically controlled machine tools. They could not be described by conventional engineering drawings and blueprints. The only way was mathematical description of the shape and application of this information for the calculation of cutting tool paths. This is considered as the starting point of virtual engineering. Shape and tool path modeling were followed by modeling of other engineering objects as complete parts, assemblies, kinematics, finite elements, etc. Models of mechanical parts have moved into applications far beyond tool path generation. Now, a huge number of analysis tools rely on sophisticated models of analyzed engineering objects, their environments,and simulation processes. The real world of engineering is simulated in an advanced and comprehensive virtual engineering environment. Models as advanced descriptions of engineering objects represent much more than new media that replace blueprints and computer generated drawings. The fantastic development of communication in the past decade has had a strong effect on virtual engineering. Models are exchanged between CAD/CAM systems in a worldwide integrated engineering environment. At the same time, centralized databases provide services for a lot of engineering workstations in different geographical sites. Remote modeling systems are operated by humans using special browser surfaces opened to the Internet. The utmost purpose of engineering modeling is the product model that covers all the information demanded by all possible engineering activities during the product lifecycle from the first sketch by the designer to recycling".

Что-то-таки пошло у нас не так. Помню преподавателей, которые рассказывали про разработку Бурана. Это был передний край нашей промышленности, а на обычных производствах все еще крутили воротки на ДИПах. Теперь мне все больше кажется, что сегодняшняя разруха во многом вызвана надрывом в промышленности в гонке вооружений. В итоге Перестройки предприятия наукоемких производств с великолепным оборудованием внезапно оказались без заказов, а большинство предприятий просто было неспособно выпускать конкурентоспособную на мировом уровне продукцию. 
А все это я к чему? Верхний кусок - цитата из британского учебника по инженерному делу. Автор признает, что в 60-х инженеры проигрывали на фронтах обработки информации. Так вот, ЧПУ у нас появились тоже в 50-60е, но повсеместное внедрение их к 80-м так и не произошло, следовательно не возникло потребности в переходе на новый информационный уровень обработки проектной информации.  В результате даже сейчас инженеры часто вынуждены общаться посредством синек.
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