kobold_wizard (kobold_wizard) wrote,

О фильме про Элрика

"We wrote a very edgy script that was true to the anarchic spirit of the book, and then we had a heck of a time getting it made. We'll probably take another run at it if we're able to. It was certainly a dream come true to hang out with Michael Moorcock, who is one of our heroes. It's an utter anti-hero, and I believe that part of the book was a response to Tolkien, because Moorcock looked at that as sort of a hymn to the squireocracy and the class system in England, and this is a complete rock and roll nihilist anti-hero. I hope the movie gets made in proper fashion."


Слова продюсеров - это конечно, не самая ответственная информация, но если сценарий есть, то можно надеяться на фильм в ближайшие лет пять.
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